Barry Schwartz,   Google-expert

Another busy week in search with two more updates. First we had a Penguin refresh, impacting 0.3% of the queries.

Then we had a Page Layout update impacting 0.7% of the search queries. Google’s updated guidelines talks about how widely distributed footer links is a form of a link scheme but what does that mean? Google’s Matt Cutts talks about guest blogging for the purpose of links.

Google Mobile has a new slide of black navigation bar. Bing Image search is polluted with malicious links according to a study. Google AdWords now has their own credit card.

Google Search Quality Team was renamed to the Search Quality Team. 65% said a full recovery from Panda is not possible. 63% said their AdSense earnings is down historically.

I scored a 100% and got my Google Power Searching certificate last night – go me! That was this past week at the Search Engine Roundtable.

/ Barry Schwartz, October 12, 2012